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TeleAdapt Launches MediaHub Miniâ„¢ Desktop Version

Making it easier for hotels to add mobile device connectivity to the guest-room

mediahub-mini-desktop front-view

Sparks, NV (March 1, 2015) — Following on the success of the MediaHub Mini flush-mount connectivity panel, TeleAdapt now offers a desktop version that is simple to install. Now hotels can add mobile device connectivity to the guest-room with ease. With the desktop version there is zero assembly and almost no installation time required. With rubber feet and an optional adhesive pad, the product can be simply set in any convenient place on top of the furniture near to the TV. Just connect the HDMI cable from the MediaHub to the TV, and plug the power adapter into the wall socket… its that simple MediaHub provides guests an easy way to connect their mobile devices to the in-room TV. By Bluetooth pairing a mobile device to the MediaHub guests can enjoy their music over the TV speakers. The HDMI port enables mobile devices, game consoles and multimedia accessories to display on the TV. With two highcurrent USB charging ports guests can charge phones and tablets simultaneously.

“Our MediaHub range continues to get smaller, more attractive, more affordable, simpler to install, and simpler to use” says Neil Betterton, VP of Global Product Development. “ The MediaHub Mini desktop version allows hotels to add connectivity without renovating the guest room. By partnering with hospitality TV leaders like Samsung and LG we provide automatic input switching support - so its truly plug and play for the guest.”

MediaHub Mini is the easiest way to enable universal connectivity in the guest-room; allowing guests to:
- Charge a phone, or tablet
- Bluetooth pair and play music through the in-room speakers
- Plug and play video, apps or games from their own phone, tablet, or laptop to the TV

There is nothing to download, no unfamiliar device to use, no menu to access. Simply connect your device to the MediaHub and the TV will automatically switch to display your connected content. For more information on TeleAdapt’s connectivity products for the hospitality industry please visit

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Founded in 1992 by current CEO Gordon Brown, TeleAdapt has over 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of connectivity products to the hospitality industry. From initial focus towards supporting the business traveller struggling with dial-up modem connections, TeleAdapt has been at the vanguard of the introduction of high-speed internet in hotels, providing in-room solutions to enhance guest connectivity. Today, TeleAdapt's internet, power, docking and multi-media products


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